@Javier-Cabrerizo said in Play video compressed in rar files:

Is possible to play video from compressed files in rar files just like Kodi??

Most of mi files are mkv compressed inside rar files...

I want to know if nplayer does this before buying it..,


Besides lack of demand --- Costs for licensing might be required to use unrar even if there is a demand They might require only free software to use their decoding software. They're more concerned with the dozen plus cloud storage providers that are streamable to play through their biggest competitors app this year. Why are interfaces and gestures the same except the ones the other competitor doesn't have. and Why do they act identically handing most all files, but yours freezes, recovers automatically which is thats cool but often gets stuck doing it every 30 seconds until restarting the video or app. (Recitorically! =)