Chrome Casting from WD my cloud slow but playback fine?

  • Hi

    Just bought NPlayer, it serves all my needs, thank you..!

    However one thing I can't quite work out.

    If I stream a video from my WD mycloud to my iphone it works perfectly no slow down. If I try to cast that same video from the mycloud to my TV via the phone it is all choppy.

    As a result i've tried a couple of scenarios - I've downloaded the video to my iphone and then cast it - Works fine, and I've put the file onto a HDD plugged into my router, again fine no slowdown.

    Seems that the limiting factor is therefore the Mycloud, but given that I can download off it @ high speed, play the files through my smart tv directly off it (media server) with out a problem I can't see how casting off it via the iphone would be a problem?

    It works on 90% of files, just seems to be 1080p or larger file size videos that have this problem

    Any ideas?


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