i disable quick time plug in does not work

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    Settings -> Video -> MPEG-4 Decoder -> Hardware


    My device for Bug-Report:
    iPad Air 2 - iOS 9.2.1



    Better is, when user disable in settings QuickTime Plug-in.

    Then can not nPlayer or user use this option(off/away) in the playback.

    My device for Bug-Report:
    iPad Air 2 - iOS 9.2.1


  • Hi,

    excuse me if I sound a little bit annoyed but I can reproduce the bug by pcuser12345 and I think it would be nice if you could try your suggested solutions before posting them.

    When starting an MP4 video with h264 encoding it starts with HW decoding, when connecting a Bluetooth device the video playback is interrupted shortly and when resuming Q/T is displayed in the upper right corner and this is IRRESPECTIVE whether QuickTime plugin is activated in the settings or not.

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  • IOS 8.4.1

    •The app crashes if you go to different folder play resume video it crashes random.

    • I disable Q/T while connecting blue tooth audio or headset it switch from H/W back to Q/T.

    •Setting-> Video-> Saturation, Contrast, Brightness does not Save
    It reset back to 0 exit the app, or put it lock screen, connect to Blue-tooth set back to Q/T while play video .Mp4

    •Put the progress bar on the top I had a lot issue while subtitle while playing difficult navigate.

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