Chromecast Network Video MKV 8GB file issue

  • Hi, i tried playing an MKV video (8GB size) via network in my IPhone 7 plus and all works great.

    But if I play the same video in Chromecast the video stops EVERYTIME AT EXACTLY SAME POINT and a loading icon appear and the video will not resume anymore.

    Is there a limitation in file size if playyng in chromecast? I dont have any issue playing in chromecast if the file size of my video is small ( 2 - 4 GB)

    Kindly confirm

  • Ok I did some testing to isolate the issue. Looks like the issue is only happening on "x264 videos" with more than 4GB of size.

    H264 is working fine playing on chromecast. I tested 6GB of H264 file and its working fine

    Is there any bug on why this is happening on X264 videos playing on Chromecast?

  • By the way info of my hardware are below

    • Iphone 7 Plus 10.3.2
    • Linksys AC Router
    • Chromecast version 2 connected to 5Ghz

    Hope you could fix the issue

  • Additional info that this is working fine using PlayerXtreme, but that app has a bug that chromecast is not playing video if my Iphone is lock

    I already paid twice to have a useful video player with properly working chromecast

    Please fix this thanks

  • We have a difficulty to figure out what the problem is with the information you gave us. We can not figure out and solve the problem if it is not reproduced.

    In order to test in the most similar conditions to those where you did, please upload your sample file to or give us your file link. When we get the sample, we will check the file and try to find out what the problem is. And please tell us in more detail where the point is. Thank you.

  • Ok, I will try to upload by today your requested File.

    Basically it's an MKV X264 file with 8GB size.

    The video always freeze at same point (about a minute of playtime, example 2:10 of playtime) when playing in Chromecast. Note that i'm playing USING NETWORK (Not save locally in my phone)

    I also tried other files with the same MKV X264 format and it also freezes at exactly same point/playtime if the file is more than 4GB in size

  • Hi admin, I already PM you the link for the file please download it.

    Please play via Network then play on Chromecast. The video will freeze at exacty 2:18 everytime you run the video from the start


  • Any update on this admin? I did not here any response from your team yet.

    Kindly advise if you already downloaded my sample file, thanks

  • We have fixed the problem, and it will be applied to the next update. Related options(Passthrough) have been added on the Settings tab. This happens when you have a high-capacity file that works with HLS. Please check it in the next version. Thank you.

  • Wow thank you very much. Amazing Tech support. This is really worth it

  • Hi admin, I received your update today and Im really excited to try your fix but I'm still encountering the same issue. The video still stuck at 2:18.

    I can now see the new option Audio passthrough in the settings and Chromecast is enabled by default

    I also tried to disabled th option for chromecast but still the same issue

    Could you please fix this? Still the same issue :(

  • Hi admin, this is to inform you again that your fix DID NOT solve the issue

    The video file that I sent to you is still always stuck at exactly 2:18

    Again, details of my hardwares are below

    • Iphone 7+ 10.3.2
    • Chromecast Version 2 (The New circle shape Chromecast)
    • Linksys AC
    • I'm connected at 5GHz network
    • PlayerXtreme is playing the same file over the network without an issue (Though it has a bug that it cannot play in Chromecast if the phone is lock)
    • New Passthrough option is enabled for Chromecast but issue is NOT solved. I also tried other options like disabling and enabling again the chromecast option and enabling other options like HDMI but the issue is still NOT solved
    • I also tried restarting my phone but the issue is still there

    Kindly inform me if this issue is fixable or I should move on already and I just try other video players like Infuse

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