Increase the volume level over 100%

  • Hello
    I've just bought nplayer for my ipad 2 and it's great, congratullations.

    My problem is the volume low with dts audio so I wonder if would be possible boost the volume level over 100%


    P.S: If you know a third party software to do it would be great :)

  • Hi
    You can boost the audio in settings while the video is playing. (There is a small setting in the player) and of course it will reduce the quality and has no points using it with dts.
    So you're probably better off with dts turned off.

    Are you using headphones?
    Because if you're not you don't see much difference.
    This mode is ment to be used with headphones and the volume is great.
    I use it all the time with movies with high res audio and it adds good depth to the sound if you set the correct settings. And I've had no volume issues.

  • Thanks mate

    I have the issue while the kids are watching a movie so I can't solve it via headphones.

    Could you please tell me where the player settings to boost the volume are?

    Thanks in advance

  • Hi
    Boosting audio for one file:
    When the video is playing tap on the screen so that the buttons appear. On the left side of the screen there are three buttons above Mirroring button. Press the one with gear logo and a box opens. On the lower part of the box press audio and you'll find boost option that only boosts that files audio.

    Boosting complete audio output:
    Go to settings in main menu -> Audio-> Boost

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