FTP m3u playlists

  • I can't get music m3u playlists to work when using FTP to log into my WD Mybook.

    This used to work perfectly in the nPlayer 2.6.5.

    With nPlayer 2.6.5, I could FTP into my WD MyBook Live NAS box and navigate to my directory of playlist.m3u files.

    Once there I could select a m3u playlist for my mp3's. nPlayer would bring up the list of songs, I could start playing on any of the songs and the playlist would stream perfectly.

    This allowed me to stream m3u playlists form my NAS box over a cell network or when on any wifi network.

    Playlists work correctly on a DLNA connection in nPlayer 3.0x but I need the "FTP" streaming of m3u playlists so I can stream music on cell network or any wifi network not just my local network.

    I tried putting the m3u in the same directory so that no path is needed. Still same list of numbers in nPlayer 3.x.

    Selecting any of the songs in the m3u list of numbers, and the nPlayer music player comes up but just spins like it's trying to do something. Nothing plays and I have to close nPlayer app and restart.

    My playlist look like this:
    ../../../Albums/Artist/Title.mp3nplayer 3.x. and would work perfectly in nPlayer 2.6.5

    Now in nPlayer 3.x selecting playlist brings up:



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