Serious playback issues

  • I run nPlayer 3 on both an iPad4 as well as an iPhone 6. I've tried multiple video (mkv) files with stylised subtitles in 720p/1080p in either 10bit/Hi10P on many video players, including AVPlayerHD and PlayerxTreme on both hardware and software decoders. And of course, nPlayer. I've tried playing the video with and without subtitles as well, so nPlayer's stylised subtitles shouldn't be the issue here. Long story short, all the other video players that i've tried can play back all my video files in 720/1080p in HI10p/10bit flawlessly, albeit with no stylised subtitles (which i've ruled out to be the issue) but nPlayer seems to have framerate/color defects or glitches with all of the (mkv) video files regardless of subtitles, which is strange since nPlayer seems to be the most powerful player here. When i run the video on hardware decoders, the speed is flawless, but many color glitches (wrong colors, blurred out, screen white/black) occur. When i run the video in software decoder, the colors and graphics are both flawless but the video suffers from overall lag when playing it. Thanks in advance! :D


    This is normal. iPhone 6 SoC not support native 10bit content in H/W mode. Result the playback is broken.

    Best is you use preferred decoder.

    Settings -> Video -> H.264 (High 10 Profile) Decoder -> Software

    With happiness the new SoC from iPhone 6s and iPad Pro support native 10bit content.

  • Thanks for the reply! However, other player like PlayerXtreme and AVPlayer can play the same videos without framerate drops / lag / color glitches of any sort. What seems to be the issue with NPlayer here?
    edit: HD player seems to play the mkvs flawlessly as well


    No the other player use in 10bit content always software decoder.

  • However, why is it that n Player has laggy playback and / or color defects while other players listed above can run the mkvs flawlessly? Is this a decoder issue within the app itself?



    The other player use always automatically software decoder, when you open 10bit file. Therefore no playback broken.

    I think you need always software decoder for nPlayer, when open 10bit file.

    See: Settings -> Video -> H.264 (High 10 Profile) Decoder -> Software

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