There going be an update for the App?

  • There developer make any plan to update nPlayer the app on IOS App Store Fix the bugs Etc let me know

  • administrators

    All the issues reported so far have been fixed!
    We have submitted the updated version 3.0.1 to Apple and within 7 to 10 days, nPlayer 3.0.1 will be available on the Appstore! Apologies for the inconvenience and we will do our best to keep improving the stability.

  • Nice to hear about an update.
    Question, will you add an Equalizer to near 3.0.1 or far 3.1 update?

  • IOS 8.4.1

    •The app crashes if you go to different folder play resume video it crashes random.

    • I disable Q/T while connecting blue tooth audio or headset it switch from H/W back to Q/T.

    •Setting-> Video-> Saturation, Contrast, Brightness does not Save
    It reset back to 0 exit the app, or put it lock screen, connect to Blue-tooth set back to Q/T while play video .Mp4

    •Put the progress bar on the top I had a lot issue while subtitle while playing difficult navigate.

    •Touch Icon are not as responsive

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