Please support bigger square thumbnail.

  • For now at 3.0.1, the little circle thumbnail is a little hard to specific the video from others without looking at the filename.
    How about add a option to shows the thumbnail bigger and square, at about 1/3 wide of the iphone screen. The height for the items in the list can be more higher to shows other informations.
    PS, please skip the black screen for the thumbnail, that is useless and just make the list ugly.

  • @Semidio-LI
    Yeahhhh. for video,music album cover.

    In the old version(rectangle thumbnail window) are the thumbnail little pixelated. In the current version small circle thumbnail window is bad as the old version.
    The creation from thumbnail so pixelated.

    Infuse has 2 option use the old window and new. better for all.

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