Video Setting Reset back to defualt doest not save setting

  • I exit the app to home screen it reset back to default setting,
    the Setting->Video-> Saturation, Brightens, Contrast. Wanted to save this setting on each video

  • Sorry for late reply. nPlayer works on as you mentioned. But if you use Quicktime(Q/T), it will not work. Please use the hardware decoding(H/W) or the software decoding(S/W).


    I have improved bug report.

    1. Open video file.
    2. Make sure you use H/W or S/W.
    3. Open playback menu.
    4. Use e.g highest values in saturation,brightness or contrast.
    5. Tap on homebutton you are in iOS home screen.
    6. Open nPlayer e.g with iOS multitasking.
    7. You are in the playback.
    8. Open playback menu. You can see nPlayer not remember the values for saturation,brightness or contrast.

    My device for Bug-Report:
    iPad Air 2 - iOS 9.2.1


  • Thank you for your detail report. We have fixed the issue.

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