crashed on Ipad 3

  • Very nice of you to fix some things with this 3.x new version of nPlayer. I checked on my iphone 5 - after updating to 3.0.1 - now the subtitles contains the special characters (for RO).

    BUT WHY, ON EARTH, ON MY UNJAILBROKEN IPAD 3 (V7.1.2), nPlayer (3.0.1) version simply CRASH??
    Do I have to ask you - now - to let me restore to nPlayer 3.0.0, couse to 2.6.5 it's forbidden?? And don't tell me that I have to update the IOS to v9.0, couse I will not!
    Or, simplier, I will give you my postal address and, please, nPlayer, send me an connector to my Iphone 5, so I can look over hdmi to movies. Ok?


    Need more details for crash on your iPad 3. E.g Has you OneDrive?

  • Cute, I deleted the app from my Ipad and then installed over Itunes directly the updated version of nPlayer (3.0.1). So, it works, but not with the regular update from 3.0.0 (tried multiple times).

    You still can send me that connector for Iphone..., cause n2.6.5 worked more fluid on my Ipad 3 than the new version :)


    You're weird :D

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