FTP m3u Playlists song/file name not showing in list or player

  • The update of nPalyer from 3.0.0 to 3.0.1 has fixed FTP m3u playlists except for two problems.

    When I FTP into my Western Digital MyBook Live NAS box using nPlayer, I can navigate to my m3u mp3 playlist directory. Once there I can select a playlist and the playlist now plays perfectly.

    The only problems are:

    • nPlayer only shows a round icon (or round image of album art if present in the mp3) for each mp3 song in the playlist.
    • The nPlayer music player does not scroll the song name or file name at the top. The music player does display album art if present in the mp3.

    When using FTP and nplayer, the m3u playlists needs to display either the song names from the mp3s or the mp3 file names. The nPlayer music player also needs to display the song name or file name.


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