Can't change language when streaming to Chromecast

  • Hi there,

    I have a very strange issue.
    In my network I have a little NAS with movies and TV shows on it. I now use nPlayer to stream that content to my Chromecast which, for now, works quite well.
    But I have a serious issue if the file has multiple audio-streams. When I start to stream, it plays the first language in the file, e.g. a german audio stream. However, when I stream to Chromecast I can't change the audio, only subtitles!
    When I play the file on my iPad it's fine, I can set the language to english and it works out. But when I THEN start streaming to the Chromecast, it switches back to german again.

    Is this supposed to happen? Because that's a real issue :(

  • administrators

    This problem caused by Chromecast’s spec. Chromecast doesn’t support the audio switching function to sender app like nPlayer. We are researching the better way to resolve this problem. But we are not sure about the schedule at this time. Please kindly understand the situation.

  • Hi there,

    thanks for the explanation. Wouldn't there be a way to "manipulate" the stream by switching tags on the audio streams? From my understanding it always wants to use the first, so if one could switch that or something. Would be no issue with me if I first had to play iut on chromecast, switch language, and then stream it.

    I also can't send local files (from my iPad) to Chromecast which is a shame, that was my main use for nPlayer to be honest :(


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