issue using ftp on external drive

  • I have been using nplayer for quite some time now. I usually use it as a upnp client for my raspberry pi.. I recently wanted to use nplayer to access an external hard drive attached to my pi from my work network, using FTP. However, i'm getting an error message reading: 'Access denied to remote resource'.

    Can you guys help me out?

    I know this is not a firewall issue because i can access my user's local directory (e.g., /home/nolan) via FTP using nplayer-- i just can't access the external drive (i.e., /media/THUMBDRIVE). This also rules out vsftpd config weirdness.

    I know this is not a permissions issue because i can access the external drive using an FTP client on my computer. I can also SFTP into the external drive using nplayer.

    Now, i know i could just use SFTP, but its just so much slower. And i know i could just copy whatever i want to watch to the home directory, but that's kludgey and not my style.

    The above results lead me to suspect that there's something strange going on with nplayer itself -- not the server, or my network. I'd really appreciate it if you guys could point me in the right direction.

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