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    Today I was downloading a 2Gb TV series from an SMB share.

    I had forgotten to delete previous files, so suddenly my iPad ran out of free space. iOS warning popup appeared and I skipped it twice.

    The bug is that the download continued beyond the warning point. The download percent was growing. It should have been paused.

    I freed some space eventually. A bit later file download completed successfully.
    I started playback, watched 50% and player got stuck. It skipped around 40% of playback and continued at 90% on timeline.
    I rewinded back and forward, swipe&killed the app, but all was the same - file was corrupted in the middle.
    I redownloaded the same file and this time all was smooth and fine as always.

    Please, reproduce & fix.

    By the way, I suggest to add "Free Space: N Gb" label somewhere around.

  • Still nothing? Just add a "Free Space: X Gb" label.

  • Still having an issue with downloading beyond "No Space Left" warning and having a broken file in the end.

    You'd better provision space in advance and issue an error if the file won't fit.

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