nPlayer for new Apple TV?

  • Hello,

    Do you plan to build uPlayer for new AppleTV?
    It will be great to get rid of KODI .

  • Would be extremely cool to see that - please advise if something like that is being planned.

    Thank you in advance!

  • Hi.
    That was the first thing I went looking for when I heard that there will be Apps on the new Apple TV: nPlayer for AppleTV !

  • Any news related to this? (bump!)

  • Like many people, I got an Apple TV for Christmas. I was sad to see that nplayer wasn't available. Are you guys going to make one, or do I have to spend my money on an inferior product?

  • Topic hasn't been active for a while, but nPlayer for Apple TV 4 is also what i'm looking for. Any future plans?

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