macbook smb/cifs

  • I just downloaded nplayer on my iPhone

    trying to connect with my macbook pro

    some reason nplayer keeps asking for name and password on the app.

    I tried my apple account ID and password which didn't work.

    Can someone please tell me how to share files from a macbook to nplayer?



    1. Start your OSX device.
    2. Settings -> Sharing
    3. You can see File Sharing. Activate the option.
    4. Options... -> Share files and folders using SMB (please activate)
    5. You can see your account from osx device. Please activate. Now create new password. Done.
    6. Open nPlayer. In tab bar -> Network -> + -> Scan Network
    7. You can see your network. Now enter name (osx account name) and create password.


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