Custom URL Scheme

  • Hi there,

    I'm just a newcomer, but I already like nPlayer.
    I like writing python scripts on my iDevices and I'd like to ask you if it is possible to open your app from my app with URL scheme?

    I have a video URL and I'd like to pass it to your app for play or download it. Is it possible somehow?

    For example:

    Can I achive the same thing with nPlayer?
    Something like: nplayer://

  • It supports in the type of 'nPlayer-[scheme]://...'
    For example, for URL, nPlayer URL scheme works in nplayer-
    nPlayer supports scheme of http, https, ftp, sftp, smb.

    Launch nPlayer: nplayer://

    Open a video url: nplayer-http://, nplayer-https://, nplayer-ftp://, nplayer-sftp://, nplayer-smb://

  • Okay, I got it.
    What about downloading a video url, not play it? How can I do it?

  • nPlayer does not support url schemes for downloading the video.

  • Thank you.
    Please consider support it in the future.

  • Is there any way for the URL in the scheme to be opened in the browser, instead of the video player?

  • Hello Guys,

    So what's the problem with your URL Scheme?

    I have an URL and if I paste it to Direct URL it's working. But if I use the nPlayer-http or https I get always the exception "Authorization error" or something like that.

    Like I mentioned the same URL without the scheme directly in nPlayer works fine.

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