Bugs with UPNP network playback

  • I'm not impressed with the update. It seems to have basically broken UPNP streaming. I'm using Kodi as the server and when I load a Kodi playlist I get the following issues

    • If it's a playlist that just displays files and it's long it will now just display a fraction of them. I have t counted but it's somewhere between 50-75 items
    • If it's a playlist of shows so is in folders when you click through the folder structure to select the file (Show Name -> Season) you get into the season where the files should be listed and it's blank. The loading circle keeps turning in the corner but it's never populated

    It worked fine before and it works with other players fine. It's just nplayer since the upgrade to 3

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    First, sorry for late reply. And thank you for your detailed report. We’ve fixed the issue you mentioned. It’ll be applied to the next version.

  • well I just upgraded to the latest version and guess what it's not fully fixed.

    While my first issue of it reaching a certain number of files and not listing any of the rest has been fixed my second issue isn't.

    As I said before I used Kodi as my UPNP server. If I click on the Kodi server, then choose Video from the list followed by TV shows and then Title and then 24 then Specials it just won't show the file in that folder. The processing animation just keeps whirling round and round no matter how long I leave it.

    For some reason while it works fine if you are loading a playlist of just files it works fine but when you work with anything that involves folders via a UPNP Connetcion it won't populate the lists

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    We’ve tested the issue on KODI. But we couldn't found the problem. We think that the problem would be caused by number of files. How many files in the folder?

  • @nPlayer-mania anywhere from 1 upto maybe 20ish depending on the show in question



    Which Kodi version use you?

  • @Fixed
    15.2 RC2

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    We have found and fixed the issue. It will be applied to the next version.
    Thank you.

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