Cannot update nPlayer

  • Hello,
    recently, I have upgraded from version 2 to 3 (I have paid 3,99 Euro).
    When I try to update nPlayer using AppStore on my iPad Air 2 by clicking on Update button nothing happens (update for other applications works without issues). App Store application is thus constantly showing nPlayer as not being updated.
    I have tried to delete and re-download the app from AppStore on my iPhone 5S, but only new buy option for 8,99 Euro is offered to me. On my iPad I have currently version installed. Both devices are using iOS 9.1 public beta 3 (build 13C71).
    I am also getting these error messages on my iPad: The operation could not be completed (SSErrorDomain error 100) after clicking on Upgrade button within nPlayer application. After starting to play video I am getting another error message: Restore Unable to verify the app receipt. Please restore the receipt. If you do not restore the receipt, video or audio playback can be restricted. When I hit Cancel button, playback works normally.



    This switch is on?
    Settings -> General -> Limitation -> In-App Purchase

    For restore the receipt.
    You need internet connection. Tap restore. Then enter Apple ID and password.

    Not working? Then load via iTunes the current version and sync.


  • Hello,
    in-app purchases are enabled. When I hit Restore I am gettting SSErrorDomain error 100 on my iPad.
    In iTunes 12.3 only the Buy option for 8,99 Euro is available for me.


    Is nPlayer in iTunes purchase list? Use you the right Apple ID account?

  • My AppleID is correct (I checked my invoice). But I do not see the item in purchase history.


    You are beta tester and using the Testflight version. Therefore not bought nPlayer with the Apple ID in App-Store.

    Has you nPlayer in your iTunes app library?
    Go to iTunes apps. Search nPlayer. Show the information. Here can you see which Apple ID bought the nPlayer app. And please used this Apple ID in App-Store.

    I see you using iOS 9.2 beta 3. Can you test on iOS 9.1? Maybe bug in iOS beta version.

    For restore (receipt) need nPlayer Internet connection. You have allowed Internet connection?

  • Hello,
    I have resynced iPad with my Mac. In iTunes I can see now version 1.7 (bought with my Apple ID).
    When I try to update the app to version 3.1.0 in iTunes I am getting this error message:
    This update is not available for this Apple ID either because it was bought by a different user or the item was refunded or cancelled.
    I was given money back by Apple (I had issues with your app in the past, according to the stament the money was refunded, but I cannot find the email).
    I will contact Apple directly.
    Thanks for help.

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