M4A Files stop at 1:23 and then songs skip

  • First of all, nPlayer is an awesome player. Thanks for developing it. I use it to play media over DLNA.

    I have a bug to report. I am on iPhone 6 on iOS 9.1. Over DLNA, nplayer plays mp3, .flac files perfectly but while playing M4A files; it stops streaming at 1:23; then starts again for half a second again at 1:24 and then totally stops and skips the song. The M4A files have been downloaded over iTunes. Now, if I manually scrub the timeline of the song, at any time and to any time, the song plays smoothly. So I just have to touch the timeline slider of the song, and it plays normally (even on the 1:23 mark).

    This is such an irritating bug. Every single m4A jerks at 1:23 before skipping to next song. I cannot keep touching the screen to scrub the timeline slider any time m4A plays. If this can be fixed, it would be awesome.

    It is not a problem with my DLNA server; as VLC plays the file perfectly without any glitch. Even nPlayer kind of plays it if we manually scrub the slider once; but it is not possible to do it for every song when half of your library is M4A.


    Need sample.

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