• There are several issues with the new version.

    All my Xvid videos are playing with a grey, ghost artifact background (all still part of the movie is gray only moving parts visible).

    Many other codecs playing with a very low frame rate since I updated...

    These bugs are present on IOS 8.4 9 9.2 9.3 on iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 4s, iPad and iPad Air.

    I'm using nPlayer for quite a while now and all these videos payed flawlessly before on all previous versions. (bad release)

    Is there any way to download and install the previous version 3.1.0 until these bugs fixed?



    Need the sample

    Maybe reset the settings (use Clear thumbnail,clear playback history)

  • Thank you for your reply.
    I did a full reset (content and settings on the device) and a clean install with latest version but still many playback issues...

    I'll try to upload a sample video to dropbox.

  • Same issue here. iPad Mini 2 iOS 9.0.2

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