V2.6.5 restore

  • Hi
    First, i'm very well impressed about the 3.0 version, it's much nicer, but...
    On mu ipad3 / ios 7 it does not work flawlessly as the old version of nplayer. Plus, the code languages for romanian do not work ( not 8859-2, 3, 16 or cp1250 )
    So, please give me a solution to restore the 2.6.5 version on my ipad3!
    I do not have time (two little kids) to find technical solution for the program as yesterday.


    Settings -> General -> Default Text Encoding

    Can you test?

    My device for Bug-Report:
    iPad Air 2 - iOS 9.2.1


  • I have the same problem

  • i have tested, of course.
    the subtitle refresh after changing the code is instantly or do i have to restart the movie / program?

    pls. give me an answer to the main question.

    i do not have an nplayer 2.6.4.ipa backup (no apps backup for the ipad)

  • Pleae just give us an option to go back to the old version. This version is crap and buggy and should have been released as a separate item really

    IPad Air 32GB
    IOS 8.4.1


  • I paid for your program twice! First time for the player itself, the second is for DTS. But I can't use the paid function DTS, because I rolled back to version 2.6.5 (as well that I have stored in itunes backup ipa) and don't intend to use puke version 3! So, I just gave you money that you cannot return! Either make it so that it was possible to tie paid dts to version 2.6.5, either return the money or fix the hell out of this sickening third version, with its stupid interface!

  • Yeah! Cynic right man!

  • I've bought the version 2.6.5 especially for DLNA -> Now I see that after the update, DNA is not working anymore ???

    Or the only solution is to pay a second time ? Is it a joke or is it really a bug in your code delivery ?


    UPnP/DLNA is in Scan Network:
    Network -> Scan Network...

    My device for Bug-Report:
    iPad Air 2 - iOS 9.2.1


  • Thanks a lot. This option is not really instinctive but I'm happy I still have access to my NAS.

    Just to add: I think the previous look and fill of the GUI was better before.. but this is only my point of view ;)


    Yes the users are confused. The function is not deleted ;)

    But here see:

    My device for Bug-Report:
    iPad Air 2 - iOS 9.2.1


  • This post is deleted!

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