OSX support for nPlayer plsss

  • In Mac App Store all video player holy shit.
    Design nPlayer for OSX. plssss
    Ok wait. nPlayer for OSX (ARM version), if Apple it released.
    I think this year on WWDC 2016 or 2017.
    Because see the news http://www.macrumors.com/2016/01/22/ipad-pro-a9x-rivals-intel-low-end-core-m/
    The ARM SoC from Apple are good and analyst Ming-Chi Kuo projected that Apple could begin launching ARM-based Mac.

    Here 2 good features for OSX version. Support Dashboard widget,notification widget,Handoff

  • +1 Great idea! nPlayer app for OSX is super useful.

  • Please make an nPlayer app for OSX.
    I miss the nPlayer for my iMac 5K.

  • This is amazing. A port to OSX.

    I think this is good idea. On OSX many video player are bad,no update (since more as 1 year), ui ugly

    VLC not use correct the hardware acceleration.
    mplayerx many artifacts.
    all mac app store video player very buggy and choppy

    I like nPlayer.

    My idea: pop up play and pip is good on iOS
    But with OSX even better.
    because video look and the same time browse. without window hide. Like iOS pip function.

    Then is nPlayer first video player on OSX. the supports pop up play and pip!!!

  • Split view

  • ++1
    Mac nPlayer app :heart_eyes: :kissing_heart:

  • It is a horny trend!
    Many OSX or iOS popular developer studio. Porting to iOS,OSX,watchOS/tvOS (sometimes). See Airmail,Spark,Fantastical, Pixelmator, PDF Expert.

    nPlayer for iOS is great, why not for Apple Desktop System?

    The player has a lot of potential (OSX,iOS,watchOS,tvOS).

    VLC has this but too buggy.

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