Suggestions list

    • 3D effect for Anaglyph 3D glasses (Half size,Red Cyan,Green Magenta,Amber Blue)
    • Add Open VIDEO_TS folder + Disable/Enable DVD menus (Title and Chapter)
    • Adjustment filter (Gamma,Hue)
    • Albums (Camera Roll) add iOS "Open in" window
    • Apple Watch
    • Aspect Ratio (create and save your favorite values e.g 32:9,16:10)
    • Audio channel selection (Left,Right,Mono)
    • Audio track disable
    • Backup/Restore the settings and activity records (with cloud or local file)
    • Bookmark for network streams(direct URL), (for more order)
    • Change folder icon with image file
    • Chapter/Title selection
    • Color NEW tag by new files
    • Color picker with hex and rgba values (for UI theme ,subtitle text color)
    • Customize playback buttons (add/delete button)
    • Debug-logging the log file come so special folder
    • Download full support for browser, intercept before they iOS-web-engine gets (it give sites the nPlayer can not download ''filehoster'')
    • Display the last watched movie and finished movies in different color
    • Equalizer and save your create profile + rename profile name
    • File/segment title
    • Font file preview
    • For select folder window (e.g add search)
    • iOS manage locations
    • iOS name move animation for long file name,settings or generally
    • Jump to specific time
    • Language switch for nPlayer UI
    • MediaInfo (for Audio/Video/Image files)
    • mkvextract
    • Music visualizer
    • (
    • Next/Previous keyframe + show the number keyframe
    • NFS Client, AFP Client
    • Nightmode
    • Notification Center widgets
    • Pinch-to-zoom 25%
    • Play as audio (for video file)
    • Preferred audio/subtitle language
    • Preferred audio/subtitle Track #1,#2,#3 etc..
    • Preferred decoder for media-file (create the extension the media-file and use decoder)
    • RTSP,MMS,MMSH,MMST,RTP and UDP Streaming
    • Search bar in settings
    • Show chapter with preview
    • Show full time chapter/title selection e.g [00:01:00 - 01:12:09]
    • Show timecodes with milliseconds
    • Sleep timer
    • Smooth seeking as in Apple iMovie iOS-App (Audio/Video the QuickTime supports)
    • Subtitle (Text Editor) edit menu (nightmode,cancel,save,search bar,undo,redo,lock button) (The user can edit this text, e.g when unlock the lock button.)
    • Support ASS/SSA subtitle with color space iTU-R BT.601
    • Support select DVD menu with touch
    • Support external audio track
    • Support SBV subtitle
    • Thumbnail for last playback time (when closing)
    • Thumbnail for video-file (cloud)
    • TV-Out more options: 640x480,720p etc...
    • User-Agent + create,edit,save,rename (for browser and network streams)
    • Upload file from nPlayer to cloud
    • Upload via FTP and UPnP (for Wi-Fi Transfer)
    • VR function and VR emulation

    • Add so button in the library (e.g 3 point button) (then come window the user can change munch):
      Color tag (see OSX)
      Favorite your files (e.g before the name come heart icon)
      Sort manually
      • Mark the media-file:
        Checklist (e.g ticked circle/circle button)
        Last played
      • Sort by (more options):
        Frame rate
        Last played
        Playback time
      • View options (for more info) (e.g select max 2-3 fields 3,5-4 inch, max 4-5 fields 4,7-5,5 inch, 6-all fields 7,9-9,7 inch):
        Folder size
        Frame rate
        Path bar
        Played time (the meaning e.g Played 5 minutes ago)
        Status (show item and memory usage)
      • View options (Image only) (e.g select max 2 fields 3,5-4 inch, all fields 4,7/,5,5/7,9/9,7 inch):
    • App lock,Folder lock + more options:
      Touch ID
    • Bookmark for the playback + more options:
      AB repeat save
    • Browser with more options:
      1Password extension (
      Clear all data,history,cookies,cache
      Confirm downloads (None,Ask)
      Image download
      Private mode
      Speed Dial
      Tab function
    • Change background theme with image file + more options:
      Picture change auto 5 second, every minute, 10min, by start the app etc..
      iOS parallax effect
      Special function for folder (When open this folder read all images. Then change only for this area the background theme.)
    • Cloud support:
      Amazon Cloud Drive (
      Baidu Cloud (
      hubiC Cloud (
      iCloud Drive
    • Image viewer:
      Crop and resize function
      Mini-preview (see iOS stock photo app)
      Show the original size,aspect fit (e.g add so button)
      Show as is the resolution (e.g add in title bar)
    • iOS 9:
      API Core Spotlight
      App Thinning/Slicing
      Right-to-Left UI
      Slide Over
      Split View
    • List settings:
      Last media in each folders (Mark last played media in each folders)
      Scroll down to last media (Auto-scroll to position of the played media)
    • Opensubtitles (
      Multiple-Downloading + select all function
      Search in all languages or individually
    • Slideshow more options:
      Play each slide for: 1sec,2sec etc..
    • Subtitle settings:
      ASS/SSA subtitle low animation (as in nPlayer 2.6.5 is for low CPU for high bitrate file)
      Fade out effect
      • Resolution (For ASS/SSA subtitle etc...):
        Device resolution (this is default)
        Source resolution
      • Create/Save style and rename style name + more options:
        Font scale
        Font size
        Secondary,Shadow,Outline (for change colors)
        Text (Bold, Bold Italic, Italic, Strikeout, Underline)
    • Resume playback window (with scroll function) when open media-file:
      Resume last position yes/no
      Every time starting a video
      Always on
      Always off
    • More gestures:
      Background play (Long press play button)
      Enable/Disable Gestures
      Lock target selection (Long press lock button)
      Playback close
      Shuffle/Loops (Long press next button)
      Switch Audio Channels Forward
      Switch Audio Channels Rewind
      Switch Audio Track Forward
      Switch Audio Track Rewind
      Switch Subtitle Forward
      Switch Subtitle Rewind
      Video zoom (Long press zoom button)
      Zoom and pan
    • Shake (New gesture category)(In default settings is off):
      Next Track
      Previous Track
    • Playback settings:
      Edit mode (add/delete options)
      More options (e.g subtitle font,color,gestures etc...)
    • Wifi-upload interface more options:
      Select all

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