Play video compressed in rar files

  • Is possible to play video from compressed files in rar files just like Kodi??

    Most of mi files are mkv compressed inside rar files...

    I want to know if nplayer does this before buying it..,


  • No one who has the app can tell me this???


    currently only with audio file without compression

    You can open feature requests:

    My device for Bug-Report:
    iPad Air 2 - iOS 9.2.1


  • I would second that request, There are cheaper apps than nPlayer with less problems playing video's, but they can't connect easily to all the server types and cloud providers, or browser through file systems with as much control.

    • Problem is its pointless because filling up a cloud file server with videos and/or music will get your account terminated even if its a legitimate backup of videos you've purchased. MPC-HC, VLC, I think Winamp even played files inside RAR's natively. And if we could keep them in RAR/RAR5's they'll not only have a level of ECC to prevent corruption while coping such large files, but the contents can be kept hidden.
    • Just a suggestion of how to use your differences as an advantage...

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