My Feature Requests. Please add feedback

  • Could you add these features:

    • An actual music player interface when playing audio files instead of using the video player. This is my most wanted feature request

    • A mini music player when using the file browser and playing/paused a audio file. The reason is because the mini audio player in the iOS control centre is too small for scrolling to a certain area of a audio file.

    • The ability to play audio files in the background when inside the file browser

    • A setting to change the file browser view from list to grid view

    • Ability to view Adobe Content Server Protected eBooks

    • The ability to upload files, create new folders, change the metadata, copy, cut and paste files in the file browser

    • A setting to change the depth of 3D.

    • Allow regular blue and red 3d glasses to be used for 3d.
      These two 3D Features are the my second most wanted feature requests

    • Ability to play regular DTS 5.1 Audio inside Video Files. Personally I don't if this feature is already available.

    • Put the button for Pop-up-Play on somewhere on the player itself, not behind a setting button inside the video player

    • Smooth 4K Video Playback. Yet again I don't if this feature is already available

    • Allow the Browser to use Safari Content Blocking list. My Third most wanted featured

    • Allow these features to be compatible to iPad mini 1st Generation and above

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