Suggestion on 3D video zooming

  • thanks for the fantastic work you guys are doing. nPlayer is by far the best mobile player I have tested on my phone.

    with last update, I was very happy to find that nPlayer is now support 3D video because I can now review all 3D and 2D contents with my Google cardboard VR glass.

    I watched two video clips with the glass and I found that the screen is too wide and I can not see the whole picture so I zoom out a little. However, currently nPlayer zoomes the whole picture with the center of the screen of the device, not the centers of each side-by-side picture. the result is that the tow side-by-side pictures are not aline with my eyes and I can not get a clean image in my head. Can you guys change the way of zooming in 3D mode?

    Sorry if i did not make my self clear.

  • It has been 6 months since my last post, and I did not see any improvements in zooming of nPlayer.
    I hope the developers will review all the suggestions in the forums regularly.
    I attached here a picture of other 3D/VR player when they do zooming. this is just what I asked.
    Please consider this as an option for zooming.
    alt text

  • administrators

    We appreciate your suggestion and we will keep that in our mind for the development. Thank you.

  • thank you very much!

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