Does nPlayer support the Apple Lossless audio Codec?

  • Hi There,
    I do not yet own nPlayer...

    Does nPlayer support the Apple Lossless audio Codec (ALAC)?

    How about DSD?

    Thanks for yuor time,


  • Answering my own question: Yes, indeed, nPlayer handles both ALAC (tested 44K1, 88K2, 96K and 176K4) and DSDIFF (only tested 64fs).


    Of course, it's converting those formats to what my iPad can handle (PCM at ?? sampling-rate), yet it sounds fine for mobile and in-flight use.

    Thanks for such a great app...worth the money to me! Now, I can listen to 'works in progress' through my RAVPower Filehub, without having to deal with iTunes.



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