Chrome cast button not showing up

  • Hello

    iPad mini, latest iOS, latest n player. Chrome cast audio, latest firmware. MP3 and MP4 h264 codec.

    Tried to follow instructions in blog post to connect to chrome cast, no chrome cast button during playback

    Advice please?



  • Figured out that the chrome cast button will only show up if you copy the data into n player app via iTunes. The button doesn't show up if you play direct from the iTunes music or video folders.

    This seems like a bug,can someone confirm if it is regarded as such?



  • Yep, no Chromecast button for me either. Thank God you posted this, no one was answering my cries for help. How do you put it in the nPlayer app via iTunes though?
    Any special folder there?


  • So, if you pug you iPad (or I phone) into a Mac, launch iTunes, navigate to your device, icons underneath play controls, underneath the summary icon is the apps icon, click on that and scroll down to file sharing in the window to the right, find n player, select and drag and drop files into n player documents or add with dialogue button. Chrome cast button appears to all the files loaded that way. Chrome cast audio doesn't seem to work at all.

    Hope that helps


  • dude, thanks a million! the audio works fine on me :)

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