3D touch Recent List (Privacy Issue)

  • I highly appreciate the active development on nPlayer and have suggested lots of friends to this app.. Kudos to all.

    But for the first time this 3d touch feature is nagging me very much. When I do a 3D touch on the nPlayer icon the list shows the last 4 played video names, its a wonderful way to quickly go back to the video. But somehow it irritates me when I 3D touch on it in front of someone. I hate to go and clear the recently played list everytime. Can you at least give us

    • some incognito option or
    • make the clear recent list more accessible or
    • let us customize which source should come up in recent list (in the Network section), just another option in modify server dialog.

    I will highly prefer the last option at least and it would be a wonderful if you do all three.

    Thanks again for giving us the best video player on iOS.

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