Missing feature since 3.0

  • I've been using nPlayer since version 2.3, and I love what you guys have done with the app. It knocks every competition off the stage. However, I've had one huge complaint since 3.0 was released. You guys used to have an option to minimize the player/keep it open as a small hinge on top of the tabs like here:


    However when 3.0 was released, this feature disappeared entirely. The picture-in-picture player is a nice addition, but it would be nice to be able to choose whether we want picture-in-picture or minimizable/mini player on top of the tabs. The latter is more user-friendly when going through tracks while listening, whereas the PIP can take up screen space. In case you guys choose to make it automatic between audio and video, it would be better to have manual control over the feature. Thanks for all the work you guys have done. I haven't even touched the Music and Video apps since I started using nPlayer. There's one more small pet peeve I have. I noticed that after the app has been terminated and reopened, there still are tracks selected in each folder, highlighting the last song/video/file opened in a bolder shade. I don't know if it's a feature or a bug, though it does kind of catch my attention every time.

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