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  • there's permanently a bug while trying to rewind- it jumps anyway forward. This doesn't occur on every movie but on most movies I watch. No idea if it's connected with the movie length or file size but again if I try to rewind a few seconds the movie jumps several seconds or a minute forward and the effect is like winding forward- although I slide left in order to rewind. PLEASE fix it, this bug I saw first from version 3.0 on and it's all the time there

  • Today I tested the new version 3.4.1 and still there is the rewinding bug NOT solved.
    How can I help the nplayer team to solve it? Do You need a video that shows the problem or a movie file where I notice the rewinding problem?


  • Your problem seems to happen because your Seeking Type option has been set as 'Fast'. Please go to Setting > Playback > Seeking Type and set it as 'Accurate' to solve the problem.

    Seeking Type has two options, Fast and Accurate in Setting > Playback > Seeking.

    • Fast Seeking : moves to the nearest key frame to your seeking point. It is fast but it could generate some errors
    • Accurate Seeking : moves to the exact point you desire but it takes more time to be there than Fast Seeking setting.

    Problem like yours may happen if intervals between key frames are too long in a movie file and nPlayer is set as 'Fast Seeking'. In 'Fast Seeking' mode, it moves to the nearest key frame to your seeking point regardless the key frame is located ahead or behind until the current version. However, we have improved 'Fast Seeking' mode to move to the nearest key frame considering user's intention of going forward or backward. The problem will be fixed next version. Until then, we recommend you to use 'Accurate Seeking' mode to prevent the inconvenience.

  • Thanks for the description but it didn't solve my problem, still the same issue like mentioned before.
    Any other ideas?

    Thanks !

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