Mp4 video not playing properly as of the last couple updates.

  • I have been using nplayer for a couple of years with my ipad mini retina. This has been one of the most useful tools I have with this device and I mostly pair it with a mobilelite wireless device using nplayer to play video files off of memory sticks plugged into the mobilelite. Everything worked perfectly until the last couple of revisions of nplayer when all of a sudden I could no longer play .mp4 files (though .avi's worked fine).

    After much frustration, I figured out that if I go to settings and clear the network cache, I can then view exactly 1 .mp4 file before encountering the same bug and having to clear the network cache again. While this work-around does sort-of solve the problem, there is clearly a bug in nplayer that needs. to be fixed.


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