Subtitles and playback problems

  • Question 1: ASS subtitles If the first line is not "[Script Info]" it will not be recognized. Infuse Pro and other players it can be identified.
    Question 2: Video coding HEVC 1080p, unable hardware decoding? Soft decoding will Huaping and Caton problem when playing for some time. At this point if iPad will restart normal. Restart the program is ineffective.
    Question 3: In some cases after a few seconds to load ASS will come out, and some time to load the subtitle delay.
    Device: iPad Air 2
    nPlayer 3.41

  • administrators

    Question 1, 3
    In order for us to reproduce the problem, your ASS sample file would help us. If you can, please upload your sample file to or give us your file link to When we get the sample, we will check the file and try to find out what the problem is.

    Question 2
    nPlayer currently supports HEVC(H.265) by software decoding. Because iOS do not support the HEVC(H265) hardware decoding. So it depends on cpu performance.

  • Hey guys I'm having the first problem Liqianyu describes.
    Also sometimes ass subtitles font gets too big and covers too much of the screen

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