why does the administrator mania always shirk his responsibility?

  • my bug report:
    when you backup and recover your iPhone via iTunes, you would find the videos in nplayer have been recovered but the history of where you have watched has been lost, that means you cannot resume your playback

    his response:
    It is not a bug. When you recover files after backup to iTunes, nPlayer recognize files as the new file. Therefore, the playback history is also cleared.


    It is very important and convenient to backup and recover playback history, almost all the other player apps could do this.

    And there is a ridiculous thing, the old versions of nplayer could backup and recover playback history. Could you tell me why???

  • Hello again. :)
    I'm sorry to say, but the playback history have not been restored in a previous version ever when backup and restore.

    Currently when you backup and restore, it is restore that not only a Local's files but also Network settings, Playlists, Downloads and other Settings.
    Among them, you can see that playback history of a file that are streamed via network are restored and you can resume playback.
    Because that is a stored playback history information with streaming, not recognize as a new file.
    Maybe you can have mistaken this.

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