UPnP/DLNA over WAN is broken.

  • In versions < 3.0, I was able to use UPnP/DLNA by using port forwarding on my home router. In 3.0 this no longer works. I get a message that says: "Could not connect to the server."

    I know that my domain name and set up is fine because I can still access my server away from my network using other applications.

    I would really like to see this fixed.




    Network -> Scan Network...

    Then click on info button. And use the right port etc..


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  • No it does not work. I have everything configured correctly. I've been using nPlayer like this for a while. Broke after the update. Browsing the UPnP/DLNA server works fine, but then when it goes to play the song, it fails with the message above.

    My details:
    iPhone 6
    miniDLNA/ReadyDLNA server
    Port forwarding server over wan

    not sure why I can browse the server fine, but then it fails to play the song.

  • I think in the older version of nPlayer it would let me pick the path to the DeviceDescription.xml file. Now when I am editing the UPnP/DLNA server, all I can modify is the host and port.

    Does nPlayer use a specific root description file by default?

    This is really important for me to have fixed. Only way I can use it right now is through VPN and it is a hassle.

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