Video is not casting to Chromecast

  • Hi,
    I've just bought nPlayer for 4,99€ and it doesn't cast videos to my Chromecast.
    I can play video in my iPhone 6 (iOs 9.3.4), but when I cast it it just start the nPlayer app (I can see the word "nplayer" on my tv). Then the video is loading(?) but after several seconds the loading stops and there's the nplayer title back augain. No video is playing.

    UPDATE: You can watch the issue here:

    Is there anything I can do? I've tried several videos, but no luck. The Chromecast works just fine, I can play Youtube from my iphone to the Chromecast with no problem. Just nPlayer is not working and I am disappointed..


  • administrators

    Hello! Thank you for your detail description.
    Not all videos and audios available on nPlayer can be played on Chromecast but only those that meet the standard of Chromecast can be. Please refer to the below link for the details.

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