better subtitle sync settings

  • currently, the range sensitivity of subtitle is 0.05 seconds(when i press + and -). can u add more subtitle sync options, for example 0.5 seconds or 1 seconds. this would be helpful if there is new movie which sub is not correctly sync yet.. please add this feature

  • Hello. :) Thank you for your suggestion and we will keep that in our mind for the development.

  • I'm not really sure this is the idea. There is a great feature in it - you can type any shift with a keyboard. It's amazing

  • @Thander true, but not everyone is connected to keyboard all the time

  • @nPlayer-mania thank you. i would really appreciate that!!

  • @yandix.esta No no no, I do not mean an external keyboard. If you tap “Delay” an input window appears and a keyboard pops up

  • @Thander thanks for telling me about the pop up. im well aware that this feature exists. but the problem is, like i described in my first post, the sensitivity of the sub delay is too small (0.05seconds). it means that, everytime i press + or - , the delay changes is only 0.05seconds. this changes is truly unnoticeable by our eyes because its too small! i hope u understand what im saying
    i used a lot of movie/media software in my pc, one of it is potplayer, it has sub delay of 0.5 second delay (plus minus) when i press the keyboard. this changes is noticeable compare to only 0.05 seconds in nplayer

    i know that i can manually input delay that i want by key in any number that i want but, such as 2, or 3 for example. However, if there is unsync in the delay again in the movie, ( for eg after 10 mins watching) , i have to input again manually. this will disturb me watching the movie because there will be a keyboard pop up that covers the half of the screen. i hope im being clear here.

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