DTS Button is not Visible

  • Hello!

    I saw this on several Devices (iPhone 6 and iPhone5S), after a Completly new and Clean install, the DTS-Button in the Players Screen is not visible.

    If there is an Update to n-Player the Button gets visible again. so For example if i had installed N-Player 3.4.3, Start n-Player and start Playback there is no DTS-Button, after installing 3.4.4 the DTS-Button is back again. Therefore i have installed N-Player the Button is missing... Do you have any idea how to solve this?

    Note: i'm using Voice Over Possible but not likely it could be an Accessibility bug.

  • Hello :)
    When you playing a DTS audio file or casting to Chromecast or Smart TV, you can recover your In-app purchase.

  • Hm, i don't described it verry well, what i mean is the Button vor the DTS-Headphone settings in the While playing screen.
    In The settings-Tab, Audio i already have the DTS-X setting but not in the playing screen. Any Idea on this?

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