ipad 2 direct url (m3u with .ts files) crashes after loading

  • since today my ipad fails to play playlist with streaming .ts files (might be .ts files overall problem). crashes the whole app, looks like it loads the buffer and then crashes.


  • administrators

    We have a difficulty to figure out what the problem is with the information you gave us. In order for us to reproduce the problem, please kindly give us the information on details of the device, OS version and network server if you used.
    And your m3u with .ts sample file would help us. If you can, please upload your sample file to ftp://test.newin.co.kr or give us your file link to support@nplayer.tv. We look forward to hearing from you.

  • @nPlayer-mania
    hi, i found out that the problem is that the playlist file is in .m3u8 format.
    It crashes also on my iphone..

    crashes also if i choose download and try to enter(!) Local>Downloads folder..
    if i rename the same file to .m3u, it doesnt crash when entering.

    I also tried playing the downloaded .ts file and its ok, so it was a misleading info.

    made this test with this m3u:

    put it into downloads folder (i used iExplorer app), if the file has m3u8 extension, it crashes upon entering the folder in nPlayer. if you rename it to m3u, it doesnt crash.

    however i tried to put the renamed m3u8 to m3u file to my server, and it still crashes when playing directly (putting it to direct URL playlist), however i can play it if i choose download and play it from Local menu (its not seamless though and makes loading pauses between parts).

    ipad 2 and iphone 4s, both ios 9.3.5, nplayer

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