how about nPlayer for Apple TV Version?

  • how about nPlayer for Apple TV Version?

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    We’re developing the nPlayer for Apple TV but we are not sure about the schedule at this time. Please kindly understand the situation. We’ll do our best to make nPlayer better. Please keep supporting us and enjoying nPlayer.

  • That is excellent news!

    I feel nPlayer strikes just the right balance between the overkill of Infuse and the lacklustre OPlayer.

    For Apple TV, I would love to see the interface remain mostly the same as on the iPad with "Lynx style" navigation (right goes into folder or shows file info, left goes back one folder).

    One thing that makes OPlayer bad is the forced icon view with cropped filenames where you get for instance a season's worth of a series all showing as, e.g., "Series", please don't go down that route.

    Do you have a rough idea how long it could take? Within 3 months? 6 months? More? Just to set the right level of expectations.

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