Does not stream to Samsung KS8000

  • Hi, I've just purchased the app on my iPad and I am having an issue with streaming.

    If I try to stream an mkv on my iPad using the nPlayer browser the video plays fine, but when I stream it to my TV from the iPad it displays an error. However, if I download the same mkv file and stream it from my iPad to the TV it works fine, but I cannot do this with large files. How do I fix this issue?

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    We have a difficulty to figure out what the problem is with the information you gave us. Unfortunately, when we test Smart TV, problem is not found. In order for us to reproduce the problem, please give us more information about the website you use. And your MKV sample file would help us. If you can, please upload your file to or give us your file link to When we get the sample, we will check the file and try to find out what the problem is.

  • Hi, I am a little frustrated with your response as every response I've seen on this thread seems to start of with this reply.

    I'll try to explain myself again, as I cannot send the MKV files over, as they are on the iPad and cannot send them.

    Using your browser within the app I click the MKV file link online and it streams fine on the iPad, however, when I then click on the 'Smart TV' icon next to the 'Airplay' icon it won't run on my TV, it just simply says 'Error' on the app and on the TV.

    However, if I download the same MKV file directly to my iPad using your app and send it to my TV it runs fine.

    So the issue is running an MKV stream through the iPad to the TV.

    Also, downloading the MKV to my iPad is not a solution as some of the MKV files are 50gb and I simply do not have the room on it.

    If there is no solution, which I hope there is, how do I go about getting a refund?

  • administrators

    We can not figure out and solve the problem if it is not reproduced. More information and sample file is needed in order to test the case as similar as possible. Hopeful for your understanding. :)
    We are not allow to do anything about refund in App store. Please contact to Apple iTunes for your refund progress.

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