Apple TV version

  • Totally get that development resources are limited and you can't do everything at once, but count me as another who will gladly pay for an Apple TV version!

  • Vote for TV version too!

  • i want too

  • I am also interested in a Apple tv version and willing to contribute.

  • Same. I look forward to the Apple TV version; it could be very useful.

  • 非常想要Apple tv版本的nplayer!!!!!!!

  • Also very interested in a future ATV version. It seems they are planning to release a new ATV in a near future, I think it will support 4K.

    nPlayer is my favorite player for i0S and I had to use other for ATV.

  • Dear developers, please, tell something to your users. You didn't released neither android version nor ATV version. Does anithyng happening with development? We are waiting nPlayer for ATV and we ready to pay for it. Don't be silent.

  • The beta test of nPlayer for Android version is in progress. We are now fixing problems found and reviewing user's comments and feedback for improvement.

    We are thank you for looking forward to nPlayer for Apple TV version and will do our best to be ready quickly.

  • We still waiting ATV version! :)

  • Please please...T. T

  • “We will do our best to be ready quickly” - 4 months ago.


  • Can we expect to come out before end of 2017?
    It's so hard to wait for long time.

  • take a look at MrMC, it employs HW deciding on the new ATV 4K and runs exceptionally well on iOS too@Jay

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