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  • Good day Team nPlayer,

    Thank you for The Best media player for iOS, and also at affordable and meaningful price. Very happy to have purchased your PRO version as it simply blows away competition. While I am yet to explore the app in too much detail to request for features, I have one now: Please provide us with a directory within the app where we can store our files (especially multimedia files) for offline viewing (via iTunes File Sharing). This directory (or folder) must NOT be backed up by iTunes or iCloud. That way, we can store files on our phone which won't affect the backup and sync time, as well as waste storage on our PC and Cloud due to unnecessary duplication of data. Thank you in advance and hope to see this being implemented.

  • For those of you who are interested in a requirement like this, I have found an app that makes it possible to prevent its files from being backed up to iTunes as well as iCloud. It is called FileBrowser:

    FileBrowser - Access files on remote computers by Stratospherix Ltd

    FileBrowser has an option “Allow iCloud Backup” on its “Config->Admin Settings->iCloud Features” that when switched off will prevent any local folders from being backed up to iTunes (iCloud or via a iTunes Backup). This is an all or nothing setting, though, and not available on a per-folder basis.

    They have a Lite version too which is free:
    FileBrowserLite by Stratospherix Ltd

    You can copy as many files (even formats not natively supported by iOS) into this app's folder via iTunes File Sharing. Once done, open the app on your device and MOVE all these files from the "iTunes Sync" folder into "My Files" folder. That's it. This is necessary because all files in the iTunes Sync folder are included in iTunes Backup, but those in the My Files folder are not (when the backup option is turned off under settings).

    If any file is not supported by this app, it always allows you to open/ play/ stream the file to another app on the device that supports the format.

    Hope this helps.

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