Last position of long audio files is not always saved when on bluetooth

  • I listen to MP3 files which are about 60 minutes long on bluetooth headphones on iPhone 5. Resume Playback for Audio is enabled. It i turn off the bluetooth headphones with the button, the playback automatically stops which is normal. When next time (maybe next day, maybe later the same day) I start nPlayer and choose the same file, the position of that file is not as I left it last time. Sometimes it starts from the beginning of the file, but sometimes the playback starts from somewhere in the middle but earlier in time then I left it last time. Sometimes though it works normal and remembers the last position. So the behaviour of last saved position is not stable.

    I didn't notice such behaviour with 10-15 minute files. I also didn't try that with the cable headphones since I don't use them.

    Any thoughts?

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