Crash on startup

  • Hi,
    Nplayer 3.5.3 crash on startup, ios 8.4 iphone 6
    It was working last month but suddenly crash on startup.
    Uninstall and reboot device then reinstall done but useless today I noticed it also crashes on my ipad 4 on ios 8.4 😧
    I want my money back 😂

  • administrators

    As you advised, when we tested v3.5.3 on iOS 8.4, the problem you mentioned did not occur. If it is a jailbroken device, there may be a collision between the tweaks, which may cause the phenomenon you mentioned. Please take consideration into this.

    We have no authority to do anything about payment and refund in the App Store. We hope you understand this and please contact Apple iTunes for the refund process. A refund period is within 90 days from the date you purchased an app. Please take consideration into this.

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