track language prioritizing and subtitle scaling (please forgive my english and read)

  • I don't know if that is possible but please add an option to scale subtitles no matter what kind of resolution videofile has. Saw that feature in potplayer on pc ("display on overlay/VMW/EVR surface") , very useful when watching old low resolution anime and other stuff. Player just renders subs for 1920x1080 even if you're watching 480p video. Otherwise fonts is too blurry for IPad. Sure that could make some troubles with non-standard 4:3 and complicated sub stiles but it is still worth it.

    THAT IS VERY IMPORTANT FOR ME Add an option to prioritize subtitles/audio language by finding digits combinations in the name of track (I don't know exactly how it works but settings of some of PC players allowes you to add words to find in track name ("eng, english, jap", for example) and prioritize ones that goes first. I hate to be forced to change audio language 30 times a day if some guy who packed files into mkv file decides to add a ton of audio tracks into it. nPlayer prioritizes my language (russian) so I'm often forced to change, but I want it to do that only for subtitles when watching anime. No one likes fan dub when there is a really good original sound. Please. Please. Please. I beg you.

    I'm pretty sure that anime stuff is very important for nPlayer users since your player has a really good subtitle style support and those custom subtitles are popular among anime translators so please help us and make it even better by adding those features.

    Good luck.

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