REALLY NEED File Management Features

  • Can you add file management features to nPlayer iOS for Network Drives. This needs to include:

    • Ability to transfer files from local storage to Network Storage

    • Ability to move and copy files between folders on a Network Storage or between Network Storages

    • Ability to Unzip or uncompress other types of files

    • A Download from URL Option

    I REALLY NEED THIS because managing files between two different Apps (nPlayer and FileBrowser) is really complicated and wastes the battery power. I'm using iPad Air 1st Generation.

  • We appreciate your suggestion. However a detailed schedule is not available yet. There are some requests to support file/folder management or unpacking in the app, however nPlayer is basically the media player app, not a file management tool. So we do make enhancing the playback performance a priority. Hopeful for your understanding.

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