SRT subtitles not appearing on Google Drive videos + crashes

  • I have here with me a Matroska lossless file taken from the DVD.

    The DVD subtitles (all yellow) are appearing in Nplayer Plus.

    But the SRT ones I added to the Matroska are invisible when I try to play the videos.

    This only for Google Drive videos.

    I verified with another player, and these SRT subtitles are being displayed. So this is a confirmed bug for nPlayer Plus.

    It should be noted these SRTs I am talking about are INSIDE the Google Drive videos, not embedded in them. I added them using MKVToolnix.

    Also, all Google Drive videos are crashing the player when I fast-forward, meaning that it works, but it's highly unstable when you try to fast-forward to another moment of the videos.

    I can't post an example here because you would need to add a Google Drive account in NETWORK settings (from Nplayer Plus). So it's useless if I post a Google Drive link.

    Go to Network, then add the login and password from a Google Drive account. Then, inside that account, add the desired video, with the subtitles inside them, for testing.


    here's a 20 second-video:

    It contains english DVD subtitles, and portuguese SRT. Add that to your Google Drive.

  • administrators

    Thank you for your sample file and a detailed description. We are sorry for the inconvenience you are experiencing. We have fixed the problem and it will be applied to the next update.

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